Programa de Iniciativas de Investigación 2015

Nombres Departamento Titulo
Alex Ruiz-Torres, Giuseppe y Rym M'Hallah EGAE International Journal of Production Research
Aníbal Baéz Díaz, Marisela Santiago Castro Contabilidad Working Capital Management in US Corporations
Carlos A. Colón-De-Armas, Javier Rodríguez EGAE U.S. Presidential Politics and the Asset Allocation Decisions of Individual Investors
Javier Rodríguez EGAE An empirical examination of the diversification value provided by regional mutual funds
Jimmy Torrez EGAE Do Differences in Capital Gains and Dividends Tax Rates Bias Real Investments Decisions
Justin Paul EGAE Scopi Model and 5S Pentagon Strategies For Small Firms In The Era of Globalization
Manuel Lobato, Marta Álvarez Finanzas Employment in innovative firms during an economic depression
Marisela Santiago Castro, Aníbal Baéz Díaz Contabilidad The relationship between GRI-4 and performance: An exploratory view
Marta Álvarez Instituto de Estadísticas Modelling tourism occupancy in Puerto Rico: a neural network approach